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United Airlines to suspend winter flights between Glasgow and New York
17 July 2017

Glasgow Airport is to lose its only year-round flight to the United States as United Airlines snub Glasgow.

Due to increasing competition on flights between Scotland and New York, United Airlines has decided to consolidate its winter flights from Scotland at the expensive of Scotland's largest city and its people.

The news is a huge blow to both business and leisure travellers as it means for the first time in 20 years Glasgow Airport will not offer direct flights to the United States during the winter.

United Airlines decision to cut Glasgow from its winter flight schedule will result in job losses at Glasgow Airport while greatly reducing connectivity between Glasgow and the United States, as from New York Newark passengers can connect onward to over 200 destinations throughout North and South America. These connections will be lost.

United Airlines decision to consolidate its winter flights from Scotland at Edinburgh Airport comes as unsustainable competition intensifies between Scotland and New York, forcing airlines to cut capacity. In order to fight-off low-cost competition at Edinburgh Airport, United Airlines has decided to strengthen its flights from Edinburgh by axing Glasgow, despite Glasgow being the airlines busiest winter route.

United Airlines hopes that by forcing Glasgow passengers to use Edinburgh they will be able to fight-off the new low-cost competition.

As a result, Air Glasgow is calling on passengers left stranded by United Airlines not to accept the airlines offer to re-book passengers from Edinburgh Airport.

If passengers wanted to fly to or from Edinburgh, they would book to travel to or from Edinburgh.

More passengers travel with United Airlines every winter from Glasgow Airport than do from Edinburgh Airport and it is wholly unacceptable for United Airlines treat its loyal-Glasgow passengers in this way.

Air Glasgow is calling on passengers to take a full-refund from United Airlines and re-book using many of the other airlines including Aer Lingus, British Airways, and Icelandair, connecting Glasgow and the United States this winter.

By refusing to be re-routed via Edinburgh passengers are sending a very clear and important message to United Airlines; you cannot serve Glasgow without actually flying to Glasgow.

Direct non-stop flights fulfill important business and industry needs while also satisfying customer demand and stimulating tourism. Every route from Glasgow Airport is of huge importance for the city and Western Scotland economy and we must send a clear message to the airlines, you cannot serve Glasgow by flying from Edinburgh Airport.

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